Ignorance Is No Excuse

August 12, 2008 at 6:15 am 3 comments

Ignorance Is No Excuse – Lauren Kennedy – http://www.InsitetoExcellence.com

The Law of Attraction is only one aspect that shapes our experience. The Universal Consciousness is vast, multi faceted and multi dimensional. One action on the opposite side of the world can create a momentum that may include and/or affect many. And there are other Universal Laws in addition to the Law of Attraction. The Law of Cause and Effect comes to mind.

As unique individuals, we each have our own purpose, challenges and qualities that are the result of our past choices on our personal journey. Every experience we have alters our perceptions. Every choice we make results in a new set of possibilities from which to choose at that particular point in time and space. Choosing a path leading to the ocean will present different choices and perceptions than one that leads to the jungle. (an analogy).

Our thoughts and actions influence our personal experience of the world. But our passion, intention and motivation are even more powerful in creating our experience. Performing a good deed will produce vastly different personal energy depending on my motivation. When I help and person, if my true motive is to gain admiration of others, or to impress the recipient of my good deed, or to make myself feel better by assuaging some guilt, the personal energy I send out, and the energy that must eventually return will be very different than if I help another because that is what needs to be done.

My personal energy affects my experience in many ways. Frequently, someone will take an action with the intent to upset me or at least with disregard for my feelings in the course of pursuing their own goals. But in the end, incredibly, the situation somehow unfolds to my best advantage when instead of blaming or judging, I try to make the best of wherever I have landed.. This is not to suggest that I may need to take appropriate measures, reevaluate my boundaries or make different choices in the future.

A case in point:: I allowed a friend to stay in our home until he got back on his feet. He trashed the house, robbed us and caused some misunderstandings. I gave him a week to find somewhere else to stay. But when I see him, I treat him I as always did. I no longer feel angry and I still see his positive qualities. However, he’s not welcome to stay at our home.

Using the Law of Attraction to create according to the desires and purpose of our Authentic Self results in manifestations that are for the highest good of all concerned. However if we use the Law of Attraction to create for ego, the results are less harmonious. The Law of Attraction makes no distinctions. It will work for a Hitler as well as for a Martin Luther King, Jr.

On our evolutionary journey, we have evolved a brain with a huge  capacity. The way we focus that capacity, the connections that we use and the one that we do not, affects our neural evolution. Our total human focus on technology and material success has certainly accelerated our abilities in those areas. Unfortunately, we have not exercised our neural connections for spiritual growth with the same enthusiasm.

We have developed brains that are more and more adept at understanding technology in order to control, improve and exploit our environment. It would benefit us to develop the area of our brain that provides insight, intuition, spiritual awareness, and other subtle perceptions.

Our perceptions shape our reality. And our reality influences our beliefs, emotions and choices. We cannot create a harmonious world by focusing on technology, material abundance and intellectual prowess, alone.  We must also develop our innate abilities to perceive the subtle energies, expanded awareness and interconnectedness of life. We must evolve the neural connections in our brain to enlarge our concept of reality and dispel our fears.

Then we will perceive that everything is energy, physical form is arbitrary and transitional. Every element has three different forms; gas, liquid and solid. You create and experience life through your physical form, but it is not your essence identity.  Unfortunately, we construct many reactive, rigid identities, for protection, manipulation, expectation or default. We forget that we created these identities or agreed to them and the resulting stories that support them. Sadly, some of us become so disconnected to our true essence that we feel empty and life becomes meaningless.

We must understand that just as the Universe has unlimited potential and resources,  we have limitless raw materials (thought, passion, action) with which to manifest our own potential and true desires. As our perceptions expand and evolve to reveal this new reality, we will respect and utilize the Universal Laws rather than deny, resist or misuse them. Only then will we be capable and free to create a world of abundance and harmony for all creatures sharing life on earth.

By choosing to maintain a conscious connection with our essence and the Universe, we can expand and evolve that part of our brain that we have neglected. When we are consciously connected to our inner essence, we respond to the moment, taking the best action, in the best way and that particular moment in time, without hesitation. When we are aligned with the Universe, life may still require effort, but struggle is eliminated. Our essence, or spirit, our true self is the Universe’s gift to us. Expressing and  Being our true self is the our gift  to the world.

Lauren Kennedy


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  • 1. Jane  |  August 14, 2008 at 7:42 am

    Excellent post again Lauren – thank you for sharing.

  • 2. laurenpkennedy  |  August 16, 2008 at 4:11 am

    Hi Jane,

    I am glad that you found this post useful. Please visit again.

    To Your Authentic Life,

  • 3. ally ladak  |  September 3, 2008 at 11:52 pm

    excellent post -thank you for sharing your time and knowledge


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Our life is an evolving creation, shaped by our choices, colored by our desires, and lightened or darkened by our intentions.
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