Business Is No Exception

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Success – Goal or Destination? – by Lauren Kennedy

Many people justify the ideas that their values and principle need not apply in business dealings.

Our behavior in business cannot be separate from who we are. If we are selfish in business, we are selfish. If we are dishonest and manipulative to get ahead, then we are dishonest and manipulative. Values and principles do not change to fit the circumstance or one’s present goal. We create ourselves with each action.

But it is our true intention and motivation behind our actions that is most important.

If we promote a bogus product unintentionally, that is very different from knowingly promoting a bogus product. However, we cannot continue to claim ignorance after we realize that it is necessary to research the product before we decide to promote it.

If we achieve our goals at the expense of our character and integrity, then perhaps we must reevaluate our goals. Or perhaps we never really developed our character in the first place.

If we have walked on the backs of others to achieve success, we may get the social prestige, outward respect and control that we crave, but we won’t experience inner peace. Inner peace is impossible when we don’t respect ourselves, no matter how much we try to deny or justify.

We can try  to silence that voice by focusing on our next incredible accomplishment, just like the alcoholic reaching for the next drink to ease the pain. And we can bask in the praise of our entourage and try to convince ourselves that we did nothing wrong. But we cannot not run away from ourselves.

True character and courage is living according to our principles regardless of the outcome. True success is measured by how we live, not by what we accomplish.

The most spiritual prophets, no matter their religious background, had the same message, once one eliminates the cultural dogma,

Love others as yourself. The Golden Rule.

It doesn’t say except in business.


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Freedom! Success!

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