It Matters

November 9, 2008 at 2:31 am Leave a comment

  by Lauren Kennedy

Where does Peace on Earth begin?

It begins with me, with each of us. It cannot be just a nice concept or vision that we hope will materialize.

It must begin with our own priorities, integrity and choices. As long as we desire and respect power, wealth and success, more than we respect cooperation and compassion, nothing can change.

What Do You Tell Your Children

Parents say they want their children to grow up to be successful, respected, with and important job position. Seldom do they say I just want my children to be compassionate, honest and follow their own truth.

We are conditioning the next generation to be competitive, not cooperative. As long as we let fear dictate our decisions, our priorities and our action, peace will remain only a vision.

We must demonstrate peace in our own lives by showing tolerance and non-judgment. We can’t turn our heads when we encounter corruption, dishonesty or ignorance in our presence.

We Can Not Accept the Lie

We can no longer accept the common assumption that one can not live according to spiritual principles in business affairs. We can no longer condemn those that are different from us. We can no longer let fear justify our intolerance, our attempts to control, or our disrespect for others, the planet and its creatures. Nor can we conclude that our efforts are meaningless.

Instead we must begin to believe that what we do matters. It matters if we choose honesty rather than manipulation and deceit in business. It matter every time we are accepting rather than judgmental. It matters when we stand up for integrity instead of condoning greed by our silence.

One person may not change the world, but one person at a time will.  The changes, attitudes, and perspective that would make the world better for all can only be realized if we become an example of those changes, attitudes and perspectives.

We often do not see or realize the effect that our example, our understanding and  our compassion has on others. But make no mistake, it is how we live and interact with others that has the greatest, if less noticeable affect on the world.

Act Because It Is Needed, Not For Reward

We help others the most,  not when we are trying to be noble, or appear spiritual. Then we are making a trade, our noble efforts for respect, praise or reward in the hereafter.

It was when I got out of my head,  connected to others’ with my heart and then acted accordingly that I discovered I truly made a difference. I didn’t realize it at the time because I wasn’t focused on the helpful act I was performing. I was simply doing what my heart told me  was needed.

Mother Teresa

Mother Teresa said, “I would not march against war, but I would march for peace.” That is the difference between fighting for peace, (which does not work), and being peace.

As long as peace remains a concept, it cannot become a reality. We can only manifest peace by acting, speaking, choosing and living in peaceful ways. And that can only happen when we stop focusing on our image, begin experiencing life in the moment and connecting to others from our heart.

Be What You Want to Experience

It takes awareness, honesty and courage. But as each of us expresses peace in our own lives, others will begin to express it in theirs. And when we express peace, we will experience peace, as least internally. And internal peace is where it really counts anyway.

Peace matters. Each time you express peace through understanding and compassion, by connecting heart to heart rather than image to image, it matters. We all make a difference. What we do matters.

Peace on Earth begin with you and me. What you do matters. It matters. Because Peace on Earth matters.

And it can only exist through us. We all matter.


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