Law of Attraction – the Real Payoff

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by Lauren Kennedy –

We are all searching for a formula that will bring us the success, security, respect and abundance that we desire. And humans have been searching for it since the moment we realized that there was more to life that mere survival.

The Law of Attraction is the latest theory that promises  a means of attaining ones goals and living ones dream.  However, there is nothing new about it’s concepts. Different teachers have expressed various aspects of it since the dawn of verbal communication.

But the Law of Attraction is not without it’s detractors. I imagine that many people discount the validity of the Law of Attraction because of the manner in which it is sometimes presented, the various interpretations,  and the mistaken belief that it is the only, or at least the most important Universal Law.

The Law of Attraction, and the other Universal Laws do not work like a 1 + 1 = 2  equation.  They are interdependent, interactive and contain variables for which no person has the exact values. Except perhaps the highly evolved, who seem to be rare indeed on planet Earth.

I know that I do not yet qualify. I remain hopeful, however. (smile)

No Crystal Ball

No one has yet developed a specific formula that will result in an individual having complete control over every circumstance and outcome in their life. Nor is that the intent of any Universal Law. In fact, one of the Universal Laws is about acceptance and surrender. I’ve noticed that it is one of the less popular ones .

Our desires motivate us to stretch our perceived limits and face our fears. As we pursue those goals, our choices  can elevate us to greater awareness, perception and empowerment.  Or we can choose to achieve our goals through manipulation, dishonesty and control.

When we are confronted by our fears and limitations, we can choose to acknowledge, experience and move through them by using our assets of imagination, creativity and courage. Or we can deny and resist them through repression, avoidance, self deception and control.

As we evolve and make choices that reflect our innate essence, we will experience  ourselves as the insightful, compassionate, honest, courageous and authentic individuals that we truly are.  We will reach our potential and fulfill our purpose.  But if we continue to allow our goals to take precedence over our integrity,  we will remain driven to compete for external power, control, and dominance.

The Purpose of Universal Laws are to Nudge us toward Evolution of Consciousness.

In the end, primary intent of the Law of Attraction and all Universal Laws is not to gratify the ego or to reward unbridled or a single minded drive to acquire power and wealth. Nor is it a tool by which to  accurately judge the the mindset of others.

Pain, hardship or disease do not necessarily reflect a negative or inferior mindset any more than power and wealth always reflect a mindset of integrity and character. Aspects such as priorities, core issues and beliefs, self worth, attitude, relationships and intention also enter into the equation. But the Law of Attraction does empowers us with the knowledge that we are co creators of our life experiences rather than merely victims as its mercy.

Co creation is very different than absolute control. However, we are the sole creators of our own individual character, beliefs, attitude, intentions and choices. With every thought, word, intention and action, we recreate ourselves anew in each moment.

Our desires, whether ignited by our curiosity, creative expression, quest for knowledge, need for spiritual wholeness, or longing to accomplish our goals or acquire material abundance, (wealth, respect, power, influence, etc.) are the carrots dangling just beyond our grasp. We are motivated to stretch  limits, broaden our perspective, and call up our courage in order to achieve our desires. As we strive to reach our goal, if our choices reflect the guiding principles of the Universal Laws,  the process will enhance our understanding, wisdom and character. We will become the person that we thought achieving our dream would make us.  Realizing our goal will then just be icing on the cake.

You can always loose wealth or power but you cannot loose what you have become.

It is the choices we make, the actions we take and our honest intentions that are the building blocks that we use to create ourselves.

Stretch Our Limits and We Expand Our Perception

Each time we stretch our limits and our character, we redefine ourselves. This inner growth reveals a keener awareness and an expanded perception through which we view the world. New information is unveiled through our feelings, desires, imagination, and interactions. As we experience the world through our expanded awareness and perception, a new desire arises. Motivated again to stretch our limits, we can choose to just reach our goals by any mean necessary. Or we can seek to fulfill our desire by challenging ourselve to ahere to the principles of our expanded awareness and understanding. Through our honest intention and sincere efforts, we will once again experience ourselves as the person we envisioned in our desire, becoming ever closer to experiencing the inner peace and personal freedom that we truly desire

The Universal Laws, Attraction, Karma, reciprocity, acceptance, the power of now, to name a few are inexorably  guiding us to consciously evolve . But we have free will about the course we take.

And if expanded awareness, evolution of consciousness and wisdom are not enough to motivate you to learn, understand and apply the Universal Laws, consider this:

In reality, all of our goals and desires  are merely  incentives to motivate us to discover our potential, expand our perception, become more aware and conscious of our true nature  and to express and experience our innate Essence/Spirit. Only then will we realize those universally sought after commodities – happiness, security, fulfillment, and peace of mind.

And peace of mind, security, happiness, fulfillment and freedom are the real payoff for applying and adhereing to the Laws of the Universe. The new house and car are a bonus.


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Our life is an evolving creation, shaped by our choices, colored by our desires, and lightened or darkened by our intentions.
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