Empowerment from Within

February 24, 2009 at 12:30 am 1 comment

By Lauren Kennedy      http://www.InsitetoExcellence.com

Our thoughts, intellect and rational processes of deduction have achieve a preferred status as the most dependable, reliable and intelligent method of managing our lives, our decisions, our goals, our relationships, our beliefs, our behaviors and even our emotions.

To be valid and factual, everything must be measurable, quantifiable, and finite.  Stoic self discipline and adherence to tradition are regarded as indicators of character, respectability,  dependability and loyalty. Routine, schedules, and structure are the framework for productivity, efficiency, and stability.

These concepts give us the illusion of security, control and entitlement. They are the basic underpinnings of maintaining a social  order, dictating appropriate norms, assigning  levels  of social acceptability and worth in our civilized societies.

The intellect is revered as our  premier faculty that enables us  to rise above our animal instincts  and establish civilization. We point to our superior intelligence as the quality that elevates us above the rest of the animal species.

Unfortunately, in the process, we are eliminating, devaluing, and denying the many characteristics and innate qualities that make us who we are. These same qualities have enabled us to take  the intuitive leap in perspective that has increased our understanding of the world, the universe, and our place and connection in the rest of creation.

Greatness Comes from Within

It was Einstein’s imagination and intuition that lead to a profoundly new perspective  that revised  the laws of physics. The wonder and curiosity that he felt for the incredible workings of the universe, fueled his determination, inspired his unorthodox theories  and instilled a belief in cooperation between nation’s rather than dominance.

Through their creativity and courage, the founding father’s of this country envisioned a new form of government and authored the constitution and principles of a new nation.

Martin Luther King Jr. facing a nation seeped in bigotry,  lead 25,000 people in a march, inspiring them to maintain his ideal of peaceful protest, while they endured act of violence against them.  It was his impassioned  vision, his commitment to his principles, and the positive energy that emanated from his spirit that moved a nation towards upholding its stated principles.

Mother Teresa fed, healed and comforted multitudes of people, generated funds and support through her unwavering compassion, determination and devotion. Empowered and guided by the inner voice of her spirit,  her resolve attracted the resources needed to continue her mission.

These examples of human achievement were not the result of intellect, adherence to convention, standards of social acceptability, or established logic.

The Impossible is Fueled by Passion and Desire

Each of these people accomplished the impossible, not through the powers of their intellect, but through qualities that are not measurable, definite or finite.  They became figures of progress, awareness, and transformation because of their willingness to override their intellectual rigidity and follow their passion, their intuition and the promptings of their spirit.

They were guided by their feelings, not their intellect. They may have used their intellect for the planning phase of their dream and to make the longing in their heart become a reality. But they were guided, motivated and energized by their feelings.

It is the range and depth of our feelings that make us the special and unique species that we have become. It is our feelings, in concert with our true intention that moves mountains, changes government, and inspires imagination, intuition and ultimately creations.

If Mind Resists, Emotions Persist

We blame our emotional reactions on our feelings. But it our mind’s resistance to experiencing them that causes our self defeating,  violent, and desperate actions. It is our inability to interpret their message that produces our missteps. It is our lack of knowledge that causes us to resist, suppress and condemn a source of energy that can produce our most powerful creations and our most meaningful and fulfilling experiences.

Feelings are the language of our soul. They are constantly telling us who we are Being in each interaction, in each circumstance , in each experience, in each moment.

And it is who I am Being, my true intention and my feelings that create my perception, my experience, my world.

If you would like to discover how to experience the freedom and abundance that you desire,

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The Critic, The Worrier, The Victim, The Perfectionist Changes

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