Striving for Greatness – a fool’s errand

April 6, 2010 at 10:51 pm Leave a comment

by Lauren Kennedy

We spend our lives trying to be more than we are.  We are totally focused on becoming successful, important, respected. We strive to be great.

I used to work hard to be super woman, to be all things to all people, except myself. I thought being responsible meant fulfilling everyone else’s expectations and all the shoulds they had for me. I thought I had to be stoic, never cry, never ever get angry, never give myself a break.

My chronic illnesses prevented me physically from being super woman anymore. I had to find my true self within. I had to embrace my own worth.  And I learned that I had to start caring about myself, allowing time to be responsible for my own needs, feelings,  and desires, because no one else was going to give me permission to take care of myself.  I had to decide to value myself, regardless of the guilt trips others wanted to send my way.

I had been seeking my Purpose since I was 12. But I have realized that the reason that it had eluded me was because I looking  it to be something grand (or grandiose). I have discovered that the times when I helped someone the most, were the times I was just being myself, being true to myself, doing what I felt was needed at the moment.

It was when I was connected to my essence, not immersed in my own quest for greatness, being spontaneous and following my intuitive guidance.

We never know when our interaction with someone may make a huge difference in their lives. That is why we need to practice awareness and living in the present moment. Then our response will come through us from our true essence, our spirit, our heart, (rather than our ego) and then it is always just what is needed.

As long as we are striving to achieve more status,  to be more important, to be more respected, to be more successful, it will never be enough. We will never feel complete. Only by practicing being more aware, more present, more connected to our true self, and then expressing our true essence in order to experiencing life (pain and all) fully, will we feel whole, special, and valuable.


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