What are the benefits of participating in our Life Coaching programs?

You can develop a renewed enthusiasm for life that will heighten your energy, enabling you to breeze through your to do list, sharpen your concentration, remain motivated until you achieve your goals and take obstacles in stride. And when your work day is done, you will discover renewed energy to enjoy your choice of recreation.

Through our unique, individualized process and our loyal support, you will know and feel a deep innate sense of self worth. When you experience an authentic, unconditional sense of worth, nagging self doubts will be eliminated, immobilizing fears dissolved, and self trust fortified, even in the face of obstacles, challenges and opposition. Your desires and dreams will come into sharp focus. You will know your true potential and realize your right to live abundantly. Confidently and without hesitation, you will chart and follow your path to personal success .

As a result of these changes, you will experience the gift of personal freedom. You will be filled with a renewed enthusiasm for life. You will feel a sense of fulfillment, clarity and self efficacy. And you will finally actualize the supreme gifts of contentment, security and peace of mind.

So why not try a new approach?

If you don’t like the result, you can always return to the struggle.

We have three different coaching programs.

1. Get You Feet Wet – One scheduled 60 minute session. You may, however schedule additional single   sessions when ever you need support or you can one of our other programs at a later date.
2. Ready for a Change – Six 90 minutes sessions, once a week, for six weeks
3. Full Steam Ahead – Twelve two hours sessions, once a week for twelve weeks.

If you would like additional information, just call or email me for a free 30 minute session.
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I have professional experience as a counselor, working in a facility that treated a variety of individuals with an array of issues. I have also developed lectures and lesson plans that are helping people throughout the country. I have received certificates from participating in various workshops, trainings and research. In addition, I visit schools, parents groups, recovery facilities, prisons and self help associations, where I give presentations, conduct interactive groups and hold question and answer sessions.

I began Insite to Excellence, Inc. to reach the many people who want to improve their lives, who are struggling, desperate or those who may just need a little guidance, information or support.

I welcome your questions and comments. Leave a comment on the blog, sign up for the free ecourse on my website or email me.

Lauren Kennedy has devoted years to exploring, researching and developing methods designed to enable people to achieve their dreams. Her articles, methods and programs demonstrate a rarely seen depth of innovation, insight, inspiration and application, resulting in profound and lasting change.

Lauren’s Life Coaching Programs focus on improving each person’s actual life experience rather than just their thoughts. Her capacity to understand, to connect, to motivate, and to find personalized solutions for every client, produces a transformation in the lives of people that she coaches.

Lauren’s website, dedicated to Personal Development, features products, e-courses, audios, and coaching services. Discover in-depth information, effective, result oriented methods, and compassionate, insightful support.

Through her vast and varied experiences, Lauren has an uncommon perspective, a rare wisdom and unlimited passion for life. It is that same passion and enthusiasm that she displays in her coaching, combined with her sincere belief in her client’s potential, that motivates them to reach for their own star.

Personal Journey

For many years, I lived in my own self-created hell on earth.

I personally know the self loathing and powerlessness that results from the iron grip of addiction; beginning with accomplishments, moving on  to food and finally to substances. I have succumbed to the emotional enslavement of domestic violence; fearing for my safety, blaming myself, and questioning my sanity. I have endured sexual assault and the insidious erosion of respect, trust and security that persists long after the attack. And I remember the stranglehold of desperation, shame and confusion. I was hopelessly trapped in a self destructive, downward spiral.

Seventeen years ago, I took the first step on a journey out of the darkness. A journey that has required courage, determination and the support of others. It is an on going journey, demanding dedication, integrity and self honesty.

But the gifts are unsurpassed.

Those years of misery and self destruction are now a gift of wisdom and compassion with which to help others. I am committed to encouraging, guiding and supporting anyone with a desire to change his/her life.

You, too, can enjoy a life that is richly abundant.

* You deserve a life filled with opportunity.

* You have a right to fulfill your dreams.

* You can experience the wonder of waking each day with a sense of enthusiasm, empowerment and freedom.

Your life is your most precious creation. Paint it with the colors of your dreams.
To Your Authentic Life,

Lauren Kennedy


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