Limitless – What Does It Really Mean?

March 7, 2010 at 11:14 pm 1 comment

by Lauren Kennedy

Google the Law of Attraction and you will be presented with nearly limitless options from which to choose. But the majority of articles and experts will offer you similar interpretations.

For the most part, we are told that:
1.We can create the life we desire if we discipline ourselves to focus on only positive thoughts and feelings.
2. Our choices are limitless and we are limitless.. Struggle is unnecessary.
3.We can attract anything that our mind conceives and our heart believes.

It is a message that is very attractive.

Most interpretations claim that through applying the Law of Attraction, we can acquire whatever we want, everything that we want. We are limitless and struggle is the choice of the uninformed. Furthermore, nothing can occur in our lives without our consent, vibrational consent. We only have to avoid negative thoughts, feelings and beliefs, and choose to instill positive ones in their place. Then we will attract the means to attain our every desire, compliments of the Universe.

We are limitless. We are told that if we experience otherwise, it is because we have claimed our own limits, have chosen to be irresponsible and have made excuses for the results that we had attracted in the first place.

But let’s expand our focus for just a moment.

Can we jump off a cliff and not be smashed by the consequences of gravity? Can we fore go sleep indefinitely? Can we walk through walls, control others prejudices, deflect a bullet?

No? But aren’t we limitless? I have no doubt that there are some evolved humans who have mastered the physics of overcoming these physical laws of earthly existence. However, they, at least presently, are in the minority and are equally beyond needing any of the knowledge that the most acclaimed spiritual teachers or experts could possibly provide them.

Many readers may counter with, “Only a moron would suppose that the Law of Attraction included physical laws.”  (However, that brick wall is really a form of energy. The experts of the Law of Attraction claim that all energy is always required to conform to the bidding of our conscious thoughts.) Never the less, walking through a wall is for most of us, at the level of our present evolution, a physical limitation.

However, many situations that people encounter in their lives, can also result in the experience of limitation, albeit, not quite so solid or obvious. But the Law of Attraction, as interpreted by many experts, takes a different view.

They consider difficult situations, struggles and challenges to be merely excuses – the repertoire of individuals with a negative mindset or victim mentality. Since a negative mindset creates such situations, the experts dismiss them from qualifying as valid limits in our lives.  But the impact of theses situations and obstacles, coupled with their inherent pain and challenges,  is ever bit as solid and debilitating as that brick wall.

Consider the following example of difficult situations in which some people find themselves.

People who are wheel chair bound , no matter how much they believe in their own limitlessness, will probably have to modify their dream of being a professional dancer. People who have chronic health issues with symptoms of constant pain or debilitating fatigue, would be hard pressed to work even 8 hour days, much less put in the required time necessary to climb the corporate ladder.

Many circumstances that can be extremely challenging for individuals are readily dismissed, not only by the experts, but by a sizable portion of society in general.

People with mental health diseases are faced with a variety of debilitating symptoms that complicate every aspect of their lives. These types of diseases have been proven to be genetic in nature. In order to have been responsible for attracting the genes that case these conditions, they would have had to entertained negative thoughts at the moment of conception, the precise moment that they came into physical existence.

Single parent’s, especially if they are stuck in a minimum wage job, with young children, can barely make ends meet, even working two jobs. If they put college on their to do lists, in order to improve their lot in life, and their kids get in trouble due to lack of parental supervision, at whom will society point the finger?

For those of you who have never had the pleasure of being a single parent, here is an FYI. Childcare for one child costs more than it does to rent a modest, two bedroom apartment.

Are we really comfortable claiming that all people who find themselves in these situations are demonstrating of victim mentality? Will we readily embrace the interpretations of the Law of Attraction which assert that the people who find themselves in the above or similar situations are solely responsible for their circumstances? The experts claim that it is the individual’s weak mindset, laziness or an unwillingness to help themselves, that is the exclusive cause of their circumstances. Are the experts really qualified to judge an individual’s character or level of adherence to Universal (spiritual)  Laws, based only on their personal observation of that individual’s outer circumstances?

Without a doubt, personal responsibility is essential if we want to improve our lives. And a positive attitude goes a long way toward improving our perspective, our choices and our experiences. However, making a character judgment (weak, victim mentality) based on a person’s difficult life circumstances or current situation, is similar to claiming that a person infected with aids is being punished for amoral behavior.

This notion,  if bad things happen to you then you must be bad, is archaic and self serving. Excuse me, negative is the preferred word I believe, as if there is really a difference. The basic judgment is the same, at least vibrationally. More over,  the repercussions of this judgmental attitude, for the individual and for society, are definitely not positive.

The proclamation that we are limitless does a polar reversal when it is presented and interpreted in a way that minimizes, discounts or judges the individual, his circumstances and his struggles. The seeds of confusion and self doubt are planted and fertilized when people  most need to believe in the limitless nature of their spirit and in their ability to create a fulfilling, meaningful life, in spite of their situation. These are the times when people most need to experience the limitlessness of human compassion, understanding and support, qualities that seem to be conspicuously lacking in most expert’s dissertation on our limitlessness, and on the Law of Attraction.
In spite of their individual hardships, there are many determined people that continue to strive for that brass ring. And they follow the prescription of positive mindset, focused intent, determination, discipline and envisioning their goal. However, recognition, power and wealth continue to elude them.

But the popular interpretation of the Law of Attraction, and the experts’ opinion, could not possibly be wrong.

So they have come up with an eloquent solution. They determined that the individual’s utter defeat was obviously the result of their own refusal to change their negative beliefs, especially the unconscious beliefs.

Splendid catch 22.

Tell me this. How is one suppose to ever identify these negative beliefs when we are being directed to only think positive thoughts and feel positive emotions?

Another possible reason that is cited for our failure, is our insatiable need to know what is happening in our country and the world. The media is poisoning our minds with negative stories about the casualties in the war, the starving in Africa, the escalating hate crimes in this country and abroad, and the disaster in Haiti.

These unsettling events would produce uncomfortable emotions in any feeling human. Thus we are told to avoid knowledge of them. Better to stick our head in the sand than to feel a twinge of concern about one’s fellow humans. Besides, the rationale goes, these people obviously attracted these dreadful situations and this callous treatment themselves, hence they must learn to control their thoughts and take responsibility for their beliefs.

Then apparently, their crops will grow in spite of the drought, they will mysteriously receive a timely job transfer to another city before mother nature unleashes a new adventure in survival on their city, and they will know when to stay indoors and avoid the mean spirited folks who wish to beat them into submission.

Hence, we are directed to avoid anything that may negatively influence our positive thoughts and feelings. How can we be expected to risk our positive mindset for those unfortunates who obviously refuse to control their negative beliefs, unconscious or not. (No one seems to be volunteering to show them how this is done, however.)

Although the typical interpretations of the Law of Attraction judge the character of the unfortunate, they extol the character and virtue of the successful. Many experts assert that people who have acquired wealth, power and success are models of character, integrity, superior mindset, positive thinking, self discipline and focus. And they actually say this with a straight face and claim it is a fact. They encourage us to model the successful folks in every area of life.

They have actually created videos for those of us still in the process of envisioning our success. These videos provide affirmations for us. They extol the superior integrity, character and mindset of the wealthy. And then they encouraging us to validate and confirm our respect and admiration of them. A nice ploy to increase the influence, prestige and powerbase of the wealthy and powerful.

Idealizing the rich and successful as examples of character, positive mindset, discipline and importance sends a message that is both deceitful and debilitating. Deceitful because we only have to look to the recent past, (wall street CEO’s, bank executives) to see that character is not a required quality to acquire power and money. Historically, some of the wealthy in this country have taken actions that have cost hundreds of individuals their lives, figuratively and literally. Yet, they are remembered with respect and admiration because they achieved wealth and power.

Perhaps the suggested practice of avoiding negative information has given the experts a distorted view of the wealthy. Or perhaps it is merely self delusion.

It is debilitating, because if one has not reached that pinnacle of power and wealth, the implication is that one lacks these qualities, or at the very least, lacks determination and importance. What a good way to keep the peons in their place. Convince them that they lack what it takes, evidenced by the fact that they haven’t achieved it.

Without a doubt, there are many successful people who are the image of positive thinking and character, and whose contributions have been vastly beneficial to countless people. However, many people who remain in difficult situations, also possess character, integrity and are supremely positive, possessing mental and emotional fortitude. Suggesting otherwise is highly judgmental, and also reeks of discrimination, bias and bigotry.

Yet, the popular interpretation persists that the Law of Attraction provides a guaranteed spiritual formula for acquiring wealth, power, and success. Possessing  wealth, power and success is evidence that one is applying this spiritual formula, and has therefore also acquired spiritual principles and have developed a superior mindset.

Complete control over one’s life is simple: positive thoughts, feelings and beliefs, single minded focus, frequent visualization and presto, the universe complies with your every desire.

Mission accomplished.

Alternate Interpretation of the Law of Attraction

We are, in fact,  limitless Beings with limitless potential. But while in physical form, at this time and in this dimension, we are subject to some limits. We are unable to grow a new arm. If we are unprotected, we will most likely freeze to death in temperatures below zero degrees Fahrenheit.

Here’s another fact. We are unable to have or to do everything at the same time. (those physical laws again) Sometimes by choosing character and principles over compliance, (or over sticking my head in the sand), I may forfeit a promotion. Focusing on my goal, to the exclusion of all other distractions, will affect my relationships. Meaningful relationships, (not just romantic), require commitment, honesty, focus and time.

Big goals and dreams require significant sacrifices, and sometimes difficult choices. The Law of Attraction does not eliminate the reality of living in the physical realm. You still can not have your cake and eat it, too. ( Perhaps if you eat it in your sleep and thus do not consciously observe it?)

The concept is no different than eating two cheesecakes a day and expecting to lose weight by positive thinking and visualization.

Sometimes we are faced with choices that can affect our goals and dreams. If I compromise my priorities and principles in order to achieve wealth, position, or power, at what am I really successful? I am a white collar con artist at best and a white collar wise guy at worse.

Justifying apathy and avoidance in the name of protecting ourselves from negative thoughts and feelings, is not spiritual or prudent.  It condones our tendency to put appearance, power and control above unity, support and understanding. Cultivating a true positive mindset is attained maintaining a positive attitude in the midst of negative situations.

Avoiding information that illuminates problems or suffering in the world, will not make them disappear. And one day those same problems will expand to touch our own lives, no matter how deeply we have immersed ourselves in our own positive world. Exploring possible actions that may alleviate the causes of suffering, sharing information and knowledge with our fellow humans to enable them to improve their lives, or developing an attitude of compassion, understanding and support, for all life, will raise the consciousness of the human species and result in a more positive world for all.

Many of the popular interpretations of the Law of Attraction have missed the message.

The Law of Attraction is about empowerment. It is about our right to an abundant life. It is about pursuing our inner truth. It is about expanding our perspective rather than judging our experience. (You see? It’s not the news that is negative, it is our judgment of it.)

Although we may experience limits, challenges and circumstance which we view as unpleasant, we do, in fact, have limitless potential. We may be unable to jump off a cliff and fly like a bird, but we have achieved flight, none the less.

We can create a fulfilling life in spite of, (and sometimes because of) difficult circumstances, extreme challenges, or catastrophes. However, to get from where we are to where we want to go, (in reality, it’s about how we want to feel ), we must make changes and develop new choices.

But we are impotent to change what we refuse to see.

We must acknowledge and accept what is. We must honestly evaluate and identify our particular situation and yes, limits, in order to discover ways to work with or around them.
Simply deciding that one’s chronic disease and symptoms no longer exists because it is a self imposed limitation, and consequently challenging oneself to perform as if one is healthy, will frequently result in hospitalization at best. It is also denial of what is. And denial is a form of resistance. And yes, what we resist, persists.

If we refuse to objectively seek out information, we lack the ability to make intelligent choices. When we intentionally ignore negative emotions, choosing instead to silence them by grasping at pleasant thoughts, we are missing out on the priceless guidance that our feelings provide.

Focusing on the message in the emotion is very different from becoming immersed in it or lamenting and judging the person or situation that triggered it. Knowing the trigger will not fix the situation but it can enable us to expand and change our perception which will result in new choices, based on the present rather than as a reaction to the past.

The universe and life do unfold according to Universal Laws, yes, plural. And our beliefs, conscious and unconscious, do have a powerful influence on our perceptions, choices and actions. But contrary to popular opinion, intellect is not king. We are limiting rather than expanding our spiritual evolution when we put our thoughts in charge of our Being. Intellect is dangerous without the balancing effects of compassion, unity, feeling (not the same as emotional reactions), and wisdom.

The Law of Attraction, as other Universal Laws, are spiritual guidelines to encourage us to reach for our potential, to inspire us to imagine and dream, and to give us courage to live our lives with passion in the pursuit of our true, inner purpose.

The way in which we perceive and experience the situations we encounter is within our power. That is our choice. And it is that choice which is at the heart of our limitless potential. It is our experience, rather than our accomplishments that are limitless.

It is through embracing rather than avoiding life’s experiences that we experience our potential, and the limitless nature of our Spirit.


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  • 1. Matt  |  October 9, 2011 at 5:49 am

    Another great article. I think we need to embrace everyone in their struggles and blindness. When people suffer, they need compassionate people who can guide them, or discover compassion for themselves, whatever the circumstances. Someone with all the goods on Earth can be in the state of Hell, just as someone who has to struggle to find food everyday – but the ones who face the survival hardships need the most support. Because there are so many problems in the world, the weaker mindsets amongst the “haves” get overwhelmed and can’t address their own responsibility. That’s partly why we get obsession with positive thinking. People would rather switch off than confront their own fears.

    But while we need to dive into the abyss of fear, if we are to progress, we should not dwell on worldwide suffering, as though we burden entire responsibility. It is a matter of applying compassion and wisdom in your immediate vicinity and personal world everyday, and finding the balance of good and bad news as we strive to grow. For those that can honestly say that they are active in spreading wisdom and compassion, they don’t need to seek for the bombardment of negative news mantras. When do we hear in the news about the numerous occasions of people committing great compassionate deeds on a daily basis?


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